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  5. "Je půl jedné odpoledne."

"Je půl jedné odpoledne."

Translation:It is half past twelve in the afternoon.

September 17, 2017



"It's 12:30 pm", is it wrong?


No. You understand it perfectly. I put "twelve thirty in the afternoon" and it did not accept that either. But both should be correct.


I don't think it's correct. It's technically the same meaning yes, the timing is good. But it's not what is written in the Czech sentence. You have to use the word "half" as they are using it in the sentence


"It is twelve thirty in the afternoon" is accepted, though it may not have been when the original comment was made.


I'm just kind of confused when I translate jedné it says "1" and 12 comes up as "dvanáct".

Can someone clarify?


Remember that the Czech way of telling time relates to the hour that is coming up. So this sentence actually says "It is half (to) one in the afternoon", which is for English speakers half past (after) twelve. It is just a different reference point. Note in other sentences that what seems to be "quarter to one" is actually "quarter TOWARD one", that is, a quarter after twelve.


Ahhh, that was the answer. Thank you.


Is it just me or is the normal speaking sound off/wrong? I hear a weird plop in it at the start of odpoledne.


Yes, there is some noise there.


Oke, thank you for confirming. I hear things like this quite a lot in this course. Sometimes it even sounds like words are playing at the same time. I was starting to think it was my laptop, but I never heard things like this with other courses. Should I report anomalies like this?


You can press the report button, but we have have usually more than enough reports already. And we can't really do anything. You can bring our attention to sentences where the listening exercise must be disabled. If it is that serious, you can also use the discussion.


Why is it "jedné" and not jedna (hodina)


"It is half till one in the afternoon." was counted wrong. Is it just because that is not typically said? It is the literal translation.


In the US, "it's 12:30" is what you'd probably hear most often but "half past twelve" is not unusual. I wouldn't expect to hear "half till one" in the US, at least not from a native AmE speaker. Perhaps someone else will weigh in on typical BrE usage.


while not typical i don't think it is not proper, i think it's obvious what it means and should be accepted


"Its half 12" should be accepted, most people leave out the 'past', its more efficient and natural


The Brits leave it out, but the Americans do not.


americans typically say "it's 12:30"

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