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  5. "What is that girl like?"

"What is that girl like?"

Translation:Jaká je ta dívka?

September 18, 2017



What is the difference between divka and devce? Are there situations when you'd use one vs.. the other?


Check https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27749621/So-many-different-ways-of-saying-things-hoch-kluk-chlapec

The grammatical difference is that dívka is grammatically feminine and děvče is neuter.


I answered with "Co je to Holka"

It was wrong which is fine with me. But Duolingo suggested the correct answer to be "Co je to za holku?"

What is "za"? Why is "holku" end in a u?


"Co je to holka" is: "What is 'a girl'?

Forget the za now. It uses grammar and words you will learn later.


Why jaká and not just jak?


Jak is just "how" it asks for an adverb.

How (was it done)? Fast and well.

Jak(to bylo udělané)? Rychle a dobře?.


Why not: Jaká je to děvče? This seems like a guessing game about the gender of the noun that DL wants. It forces me to answer this challenge with the feminine form -- but who would have know that?


Jaké je to děvče is accepted. Dívka is feminine, while děvče is neuter, so the modifier has to change its ending, and the demonstrative has to change to match as well.


I just note that one can also have "Jaká je to dívka."/"What kind of girl is this" where we use the "je to/to je" pattern, in addition to "Jaká je ta dívka."


Why is 'Co' suggested when I can't use it here?


The hints are like a dictionary. You have to choose the right equivalent. It is not the fault of Czech that English uses What for multiple purposes.


I translated with: "Jaka je ta holka rady" and was corrected. I'm not sure I ubderstsnd why.


rady is not a Czech word that would fit here.

[deactivated user]

    i wrote jaká ta je dívka, is it wrong?


    Yes, it is wrong, "ta dívka" belongs together in the same way "that girl" belongs together.

    A different sentence is "Jaká to je dívka?" "What kind of girl is this (one)?" there the "to" does not belong to "dívka" but to the "to je/je to" pattern.


    Jaka je ta divka but when i do google translate is come out as what is the girl ?? Yet dd says it translates to what is thay girl like...anyone help please ?


    Never use Google translate for these purposes. It is crap.


    What is that girl like? Jake je ta divka rady? But yet it was wrong?? The correct was, Jake je ta divka?


    There is no Czech word "rady". Well, it can be a form of rada - council, advise, but that really does not fit here.


    Can't it be: Jaká osoba je ta dívka? What kind of person is that girl?


    That is a correct sentence, but a different sentence.


    When is holka used for girl?


    Why is not co je ta divka correct?


    That means: "What is that girl?".

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