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What are your reasons for wanting Finnish?

Hello everyone!

This is sometime that I've been wondering for quite a while:
Why do so many people want Finnish on here?

Please understand, I'm in no way hating on Finnish or saying that Duolingo shouldn't have it. Just asking a question :)

September 18, 2017



Because of this:

and the fact that the language is beautiful. A few of my cousins speak it, also.


I've been there twice and during the summer months and the twilight really is this beautiful!


What is that place called?


To fill the great Finland-shaped gulf in Duolingo through which unlucky souls could so easily stumble and perish in the eternal abyss of the outer darkness.


The Finnish grammar is unlike any other I have seen before. Plus it has a really nice and easy phonology that makes it a really neat language in total.


it's really nice language, and I find Finland amazing. I could also be able to communicate a bit with some people I know.


I'm a big fan of Finland and Finnish culture, I love how Finns are introvert weirdos but at the same time the friendliest people. The language reflects all that in my eyes, has some crazy grammar and words but altogether sounds nicely melodic/rhythmic again.

About the language itself, I love how there's no future tense ("I'm doing it tomorrow"), how words can become really long like in German (my mother tongue) and there's plenty of rules about noun cases: "I drink beer.", "I drink a/the beer.", "I don't drink the beer." - They'll all require different endings for the word "beer". :D Also, I love how written Finnish looks kind of easy (same alphabet as German, no accents) but at the same time is impossible to guess from.


Every time Finnish language music is talked about, Nightwish and Ievan polkka eventually come up. I get that they are the most famous ones outside Finland but it's kind of funny that one sings mostly in English with some Finnish songs and the other is half nonsense, half Savonian dialect, which is like the second least comprehensible dialect.


ah yes, Nightwish!


I like the country, I've visited it several times and I intend to return there a few more times. Also I want to read their literature.


I'm learning Finnish (teaching myself) with an old teach-yourself book and I'm struggling. I find Duolingo an easy and enjoyable way to learn and would find it a great help. also, Duolingo has all the other Scandinavian/Nordic languages! I'm learning Finnish because I want to move there when I'm older and I love the language (and country), I think it's beautiful. One of my favourite bands also originate from Finland (if you want to know the band, it's Nightwish) and would love to understand their few songs which are in Finnish.


I'm learning Finnish (teaching myself) with an old teach-yourself book and I'm struggling. I find Duolingo an easy and enjoyable way to learn and would find it a great help.

User-created lessons are created by Duolingo users with expertise in a language and are posted in the Duolingo discussions. Often the language is not currently offered on Duolingo, ... https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10579104

All the Slow Finnish lessons in one place


I'm in love with Finland and finnish culture since I was 13 years old (now I'm 27). I also believe that finnish is a very beautiful and interesting language.


I want to learn all Nordic languages. It's not only an interest but also ideological reasons. I'm a Nordist which means I want the Nordic countries to be united once again. Read here for more information.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalmar_Union https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scandinavism


I'm not really plugged into the group pushing for Finnish, but I have assumed that the enthusiasm for Finnish on Duolingo is driven by three factors:

1) Norwegian, Swedish and Danish are all on Duolingo and cater to learners interested in the Nordic countries. It is natural that many learners interested in Nordic languages and cultures would be interested in Finnish.

2) Many Duolingo users are polyglots with an interest in different and unique languages, and there is interest in having Duolingo include more non Indo-European languages (like Duolingo has been doing with the recent addition of Japanese and Korean).

3) I think that there is a core of Finnish-language enthusiasts on Duolingo who have really taken it upon themselves to organise themselves and lobby for the language. While I don't question their motives or the worth of what they are doing -- and for the record, let me say that I would also love to see a Finnish course on Duolingo -- I actually think that the silent majority of Duolingo learners would prefer that Duolingo prioritise new courses in Chinese, Arabic or the long-awaited Hindi.


I don't know if you can call those the "silent" majority when Chinese and Arabic are requested at least as often as Finnish, Hindi a bit less because it's already in the incubator. I doubt even the most hardcore finnatics expect Finnish to end up being more popular than those three.


Well, there's no in-group of longtime Duolingo users writing mysterious things like alfma or alfmc on threads where those languages appear ;)

Finnish's position atop the league table of course request votes is a source of ongoing interest and surprise to me, not that I assume twenty-five hundred odd votes amounts to much given the scale of Duolingo.


I've always been interested in Nordic countries and have recently wanted to try studying a non-Indo European language for the first time. Finnish would be perfect.


I would like to live in Finland for a while. Well I don't need to mention the beautiful nature. I just love the northern climate. Also from a linguistic view - It's a very interesting language. On the one side you have the germanic there is russian and the east european languages. Finnish is kind of its own thing and I find that fascinating.

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