"Wamarekani wanaenda mkutanoni"

Translation:Americans are going to a meeting

September 18, 2017

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I answered "Americans are going for a meeting" and got it wrong. can someone explain


Why is "-ni" added to the end of mkutano (meeting) in this sentence? Was this discussed in a previous section? Thanks!


Mkutano is just "meeting", used as a subject or an object (eg. the meeting was good - I enjoyed the meeting)

Mkutanoni is a locative noun, used as a location in the sentence and generally equivalent to "to/from/at (a/the) meeting." After the verb kwenda, a locative noun is generally used to indicate the destination of movement. After the verb kutoka, a locative noun is generally used to indicate the origin of movement, etc.


Grazie mille! Your explanations are always helpful

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