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"Žofie nesnáší svou sestřenici Kateřinu."

Translation:Žofie can't stand her cousin Kateřina.

September 18, 2017



I hope we learn why at some point in the course!


sometimes svou seems to mean my, e.g. "Mám svou ženu" sometimes her like in this sentence,, pls can someone explain?


I'm not fluent in this language but I think it works like that because it means that in this case it is their own cousin (and not some other person's cousin). So in this case it is Zofie's cousin as in Zofie can't stand her (own) cousin. Or in the case of Mám svou ženu you'd translate it something like "I have my (own) wife." Hope this makes any sense and if it doesn't, I hope someone does better job explaining it :)


Thanks for your time & explanation, have a lingot for that ;-) but I am still confused: couldn't "Žofie nesnáší svou sestřenici Kateřinu. " mean "Zofie can't stand my (own) cousin Katerina" ?


As I understand it, it cannot. I struggled with this in a similar exercise and someone VERY helpfully explained it to me as "It's not about the speaker, it's about the subject." In this case, Žofie is the subject of the sentence, so "svou" refers to HER cousin.


Thanks for your great explanation:-)


Sestrenice is a cousin not a niece?


Can't take and can't stand should both work right?


I would say that doesn't work here. The only examples that immediately come to mind would be along the lines of "I can't take it anymore" or "I can't take ibuprofen because it upsets my stomach" or "I can't take you to school on Monday." To my (native AmE ear, "Zofie can't take Kateřina" as a stand-alone sentence sounds weird. It begs the question, "You can't take her where?" as in my third example.


Why hate instead of cannot stand is not acceptable


"Žofie hates..." is accepted.

It seems you answered "Žofie hate...". That is incorrect English.


why "cannot stand" is not accepted? it is succested there


"Zofie cannot stand her cousin Katerina" is among the accepted translations. We have no report for this as a failed translation, so we cannot tell you why your answer may have been rejected.

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