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Yiddish for Spanish speakers.

Hello everyone and welcome, after the success of the Yiddish course for English speakers (Modern Yiddish course) so, we've decided to make the first course ever (Yiddish course for Spanish speakers) which considers the first Yiddish course for Spanish speakers ever and it will be finished after about 1:2 weeks and hopefully after it we will create a Yiddish course for both Dutch speakers and Polish speakers :), plus we added more skills in the course of Yiddish for English speakers which will be added also in the other courses.

Thanks and see you next time.

The team:- Shady_Hazem

Muca Pimenta

Isac Polasak

Israel Polasak

September 18, 2017



Thanks so much. Perhaps a Ladino course in the future? ;)


Very smart question to be honest, a lingot for this good question. Well I will be happy to create one, but unfortunately I don't have any Ladino native speaker to help me in it. So Me and Muca are creating Yiddish course for Spanish speakers as Yiddish is one of endangered languages as its speakers are about 3M persons in the global and what I do actually is creating the languages that are endangered so I will share a post sooner or later as we should any Ladino speaker, Manx speaker, Hertevin speaker, Manchu speaker, Syriac language, Calabrian Greek speaker, Franco-Proven├žal speaker, Northern and Southern Sami speaker, Buryat speaker, Breton speaker, Occitan speaker, Kashubian speaker, Mingrelian speaker, Ojibwe speaker. Yeah all of this! And these statistics according to the Red Book of Endangered Languages of UNESCO and So we finished Yiddish and I want to create big courses like the Modern Yiddish course for those endangered languages that need to be revived :)


Yiddish for Spanish speakers is a great idea and focus... thank you for the info and for getting back to me. :)

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