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Does anyone know the answer to my question

I was just thinking how it would be really cool if there was a place on duolingo, or maybe somewhere else where you could talk to people who are learning the same language as you to boost your skills. I am pretty sure there is a place like that for if you are fluent, but I'm not fluent and I just wanted to know if anyone knows a place like that. But if you don't I have family and friends who are fluent in the language so I can talk to them. (I don't actually know anyone in person who is learning the language I am learning as much as I am). I am also sad that I lost my streak 2 days ago. And I was doing the best I had done (4 days):(.

Thanks (:>)

September 18, 2017



There was a place for the private chats in Duolingo and also there was a place for the immersion (Translating long texts to the language that you want) but unfortunately they are all deleted as duolingo said that these things were big-sized things on the site, so they deleted it :(

If you an exchange website, there is gospeaky.com which I found it so cool and also a lot of groups in facebook :)

Hope my answer helps :)


I'll check out the website and maybe it will help


On the iphone app, there is a "Bot" that you can talk to which is great for beginners.


their are bots on duolingo. They have an option of help [but then you will not get any xp] but you can do it alone too


I've used HelloTalk in the past and had a good experience. You can speak with natives of that language and the people I've talked to are very helpful. You can do text chat or calling with others

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