"My brother is a mechanic."

Translation:Fratele meu este un mecanic.

September 18, 2017

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Is there no such word as fratul? Oh wait, I just got it. I think. The base word is frate, so it is feminine in form, so you add a feminine(ish) ending. Is this a consistent rule?


yes and no. "father" is "tată" and "the father" is "tatăl" (even though "tata" is possible too, it's less common) -- for "pope" ("papă") it's always "papa" ("papăl" doesn't exist) -- but the adjectives are still in their masculine forms! "tatăl/tata (meu) este înalt" (not "înaltă") and "un papă progresiv" (not "o papă progresivă")

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