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"Kde je matka těch malých chlapců?"

Translation:Where is the mother of the little boys?

September 18, 2017



I got it right, but I'm not really clear on the function of "těch" in this sentence. Is it simply the genitive definite article? Could it also be translated as "those"? Can it be left out altogether and still mean the same - Kde je matka malých chlapců? Thanks for any advice.


Czech does not have any articles. But it is the genitive masculine demonstrative pronoun (singular nominative ten).

It most often cannot be left out. See the Tips and notes for this skill.


How can I access the Tips and notes using the Android app?


You cannot, use your mobile browser.


Can I help to integrate the function into the app?


no, that is the job of the Duolingo staff


"Where is the little boys' mother?" was claimed to have a typo - the possessive apostrophe... Not only is this the wrong way round, but with this exercise focused on the possessive genitive I don't think typos in the presence or placement of the apostrophe should be accepted.

Edit: having had the same problem with other sentences in this section, I think the actual issue is something slightly different: the translations are correct, but for some reason the apostrophes I am typing are being lost within the system before being compared to the translation.


Unfotunately apostrophes are causing technical issues. We are trying to get some workaround. For now, ignore being told you have a typo in these cases...


Thanks, I'm glad it's a known bug that is being worked on. Given the consistently high standard of this course so far, I should have known better than to doubt your understanding of apostrophes!


At first I wrote "Where is the mother of thaT little boys", and it was wrong ... What is the principal difference between "the" and "that" in this sentence ?


"Boys" is plural. "That" is singular. You can use "the boys" or "those boys," but not "that boys."


I wrote 'Where is the mother of these small boys?' I don't understand why that is wrong.


of these = těchto, těchle
of the/of those = těch, tamtěch

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