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"Ten pan nie jest moim przyjacielem."

Translation:This gentleman is not my friend.

September 18, 2017



I don't know.. "That man is not friend." should work as well... Feed back?


You ommited here word "moim" ("my"). And, at least in my opinion, even if you would like to create a sentence without it you should put there an article (This gentleman is not a friend). I'm also not sure about this 'man' - 'gentleman' swap - it means almost the same, but still 'man' (and 'woman') refers more to polish 'mężczyzna' (and 'kobieta'), than 'pan' (and 'pani').


In such a sentence, the 'my' part is not that obvious as it would be for example in a sentence about 'my' grandma.


What word would you use for that man is not my friend instead of this?


Well, technically "that" is "tamten", but as Polish and English think about those words differently (this/that/that = ten/ten/tamten), "that" should be accepted. Added now.

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