"Today I go to a youth gathering."

Translation:Azi eu merg la o adunare de tineret.

September 18, 2017

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Why was "azi merg la o adunare de tineret" not accepted? I.e., why was "eu" required?


That should be accepted too. Report it.


Especially given the hints, can anyone explain what is wrong with:

Astazi merg unui adunare de tineret


Compare the role of "to a" in these two sentences:

  • I go to a youth gathering. = Eu merg la o adunare de tineret.
  • I give food to a dog. = Eu dau mâncare unui câine.

In the first sentence, "to a" is used to express some place/destination, and is translated to "la o".
In the second sentence, "to a" is used to express the grammatical object receiving the food, and is translated to "unui". This is actually an example of the dative case in Romanian.
The sentence you wrote above does not make sense, because you have to express a destination, not a receiving object.


For the unui part of my question, that sir is really helpful. Thank you and have a lingot ;-)


can I say "ma duc la o adunare?"


In Romanian yes of course. In Duo's Romanian I wouldn't dare, you might lose a heart... :o)

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