Certain listening exercises do not play. (403: Access Denied)

This is in the Esperanto course, but I believe I've seen it in others as well.

Using Chrome console, I see that certain audio files for listening exercises are returning a 403: Access Denied error.

Here's one that works:

Links to an mp3, no problem.

And here's one that doesn't:

In which case I get Access Denied.

What's going on here? Is this the fault of the language course designer? Is it Duolingo's fault? The exercises with these audio portions are unanswerable, and I have to end up copying and pasting the answer after skipping it several times. This needs to be addressed.

September 18, 2017


I'm having the same issue in the Czech course for the first time today

September 20, 2017

I never used Duolingo on the web before today, and I'm seeing this same error with "word bank" exercises throughout the Russian course; none of the audio bites play, and the console is full of 403 responses from AmazonS3.

Here's a sample of requested sound:книга

Interestingly the listening exercises work fine.

June 9, 2018

I am getting HTTP response code 403 Access Denied too for the second hyperlink you have posted. I suspect that it is either a problem with the web host or the web script.

September 18, 2017


Esperanto is a voice actor rather than a TTS, so not all sentences are covered by the audio. A change Duolingo made about 10 days ago is causing sentences without audio to be selected for listening exercises.

September 18, 2017

Having the same issue with the Esperanto course. Did you ever find any solution to this?

August 29, 2018
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