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"Friends, look at it as soon as possible."

Translation:Přátelé, podívejte se na to co nejdřív.

September 18, 2017



"Přátelé, podívejte se na to co nejdříve to bude možné." should be also correct


According to Golden rule of Duolingo, such a sentence would have to be Friends, look at it as soon as it is possible. Otherwise the translation is too loose and adds extra variations that can easily tip us over the limit


I do dont understand the use of "co", I put : "pratele , podivejte se na to nejdriv" does that mean something else ? thanks


It does. It means: Friends, look at that first.

"co nejdřív" means "as soon as possible", it is used this way in general:

co nejlíp - as well as possible
co nejlepší - as good as possible
ce nejrychleji - as quickly as possible
co nejrychlejší - as fast as possible
co nejdál - as far as possible


Thank you again very much!

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