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"Je hebt jouw autootje verkeerd geparkeerd."

Translation:You have parked your car incorrectly.

1 year ago


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You have your car parked incorrectly is perfectly acceptable English.English is my first language and trust me i`m correct.My word order is also right

1 year ago


When you say "You have your car incorrectly parked", the meaning is a bit different than "You have parked your car incorrectly" or "You have incorrectly parked your car." In the last two, have parked is modified by incorrectly. In the first, only parked is modified by incorrectly.

If I say "Your car is incorrectly parked," I am using "parked" as an adjective - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attributive_verb . That is the same sort of usage used to say "You have incorrectly parked your car." This type of sentence structure changes the verb into an adjective.

9 months ago