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What is an inflected noun? Duolingo says that predicate adjectives are not inflected. What does that mean?

September 18, 2017



A predicate adjective comes after the noun to describe the noun. For example: 'The apple is green.'

In German, when an adjective comes after a noun, it is not inflected. (I.e. you don't change the ending of the word depending on case/gender/etc.)

Der Apfel ist grün = the apple is green.

However, if the adjective came before the noun, it would be inflected, and its ending would change depending on a number of factors.

Der grüne Apfel = the green apple.

As to your question 'What is an inflected noun' - A noun is inflected (its ending is changed) depending on gender/case/etc.


Thank you for explaining this in a way that is understandable. A Lingot for you! :)

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