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"I am already seventeen years old."

Translation:Мені вже сімнадцять років.

September 18, 2017



How can the answer without років be correct?


Same as in English, e.g. "I am already seventeen", it implies years.


Why is 'Я вже мені сімнадцять років' wrong? Assuming removing я is possible would the conjugation not remain the same?


Because "я" is not the subject of this sentence.

The subject is "сімнадцять років". The underlying structure is "Мені вже є сімнадцять років" (skipping "є" sounds more natural in the standard Ukrainian language). Literally it's "To me already [it] is seventeen years" or "To me already [there] are seventeen years", it's hard to represent in English :)

So, the subject is "seventeen years" and the verb is "to be", while "мені" is in Dativ. So "я" has no place there.

I hope it's clear, if not, please ask more :)


That is very helpful. Thank you.

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