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  5. "서울 아파트"

"서울 아파트"

Translation:Seoul apartment

September 18, 2017



"Apateu" is a Korean interpretation of the Japanese shortening of the English word "Apartment". In Japanese it's roughly "apato".

It's a double loanword (English → Japanese → Korean) to the point that it doesn't sound at all familiar to native English speakers. Without actually being taught it's meant to mean apartment, and with the direct transliteration being considered "wrong"—Maybe this particular one should be re-thought.


I need this. Thanks!!


Thank you so much!!! Now I get it wow


This absolutely needs to go. Since we've never been previously exposed to it, placing it next to the word "party" is just unfair, as "apato"sounds closer to "party" than it does to "apartment."


I'm learning for korean music


Hi guys. I'm korean. If you abroad to korea. You don't need learn Korean. Because many korean peaple are learned English. and many English information is in the Sign, and korea have many US brand (macdonald and bugger king and..~~) But some korean are not kind. And not Come on. It's korea's ploblem. It's very sorry for you. Good luck.


thanku, but i m learning it so that i can increase my language knowledge and who knows may be someday I'll visit korea then it will be fun to speak in local language


I really fell for this language bcs it's a nice language.. so i want to learn it and I think there will be some koreans who are kind so i still look forward


I am learning to increase my knowledge, and also so I can look away from a show and still know what is happening (not rely on captions), and to understand lyrics. :)


help me, I do not understand. 도와주세요, 이해가 안되요.


Thank you so much for this. Its nice to know


I suggest making a distinction between translation and transliteration exercises. Using "Write this in English" for both is confusing.


Apartments=flats. Why did I get it wrong for using apartment?


How is the second word pronounced?? I feel like Im hearing it wrong.


Seoul Aparts??!?!?!


it sounded like " Seol pantsu" =_=


I misheard it as Seoul party.


A lot of the words like dragon and united are very sinilar ti english. Why is that?


Koreans uses too many English words to sound fancy just like English speakers use French words to sound fancy.

Dragon = 용. United = 합심하다 (there are several options)


The Dragon and United in the exercises are 2 sport's teams, so of course they want to say it like in English, not translate them in ''real Korean''. It doesn't mean they don't have a ''real'' Korean word for those words.

But yes, Korean have a lot of loan words, like in every languages.


Apart from Icelandic. Literally every language I've heard of uses English loan words like Computer or Chocolate, but Icelandic makes up its own words for those. It's really cool!


English ALSO uses a lot of loan words from many other languages. For example: Faux pas... Je ne sais quoi... Aficionado... Basmati... Ménage à trois... Doppelgänger... Samurai... Usually if it existed somewhere else (in another language) another language may borrow it...unless they too come to use it in their own tradition, in which case, they sometimes have their own word for it. Same goes with some foods.


French doesn't say computer. Chinese also makes an effort to not be lazy and use their own words.


That's a real pity, because all languages seems the same, if it's go on, no need to learn other languages, we'll all speak the same newspeak.


They're called loan words. They also use loan words in japan too. I think the point of this exercise is to familiarize yourself with popular english words being pronounced in korean.


Loan words are popular in every language, yes. It's always fascinating to see where different cultures go with them.


So its actually seoul flat and f is like this 아ㅍ?


sor oul ah pah teu


i hate it. when same things come repeatedly.


I am pronouncing apartment right but it say that I am pronouncing it wrong


This app is very helpful so thanks


Thank you Marcus318160

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