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"My cousin did not go anywhere in fall."

Translation:Мій двоюрідний брат нікуди не їздив восени.

September 18, 2017



Мій двоюрідний брат нікуди не їхав восени. Should also be acceptable.


Thanks, added it :)


Why is "went nowhere" incorrect?


It should also be acceptable, although it's less common usage than "didn't go anywhere." There is a problem with a lot of the English in the Ukrainian-language part of Duolingo. I haven't tried any other languages, so can't vouch for the quality there.


OK, in that case I will add this as an option.

I'm new here in the Incubator and I assumed it was incorrect because this sentence exists for at least 2 years, and the option was not there. Even though there have been user reports to add this, I can see them displayed...

I agree, I see that a lot of sentences lack alternative translations for a reason unknown to me :) Maybe just inattentiveness....

Other courses like Italian and German have this problem from time to time, I bumped into missing translations in the German course maybe once every two months. But usually they are related to synonyms, not to grammar like here :)

[deactivated user]

    I speak British English and it seems really wrong to me. Where have you heard or seen it?


    Can someone please give the translation for this if it's a male cousin? My answers for a male cousin are not being accepted. Thanks!


    To me the default displayed version is "Мій двоюрідний брат нікуди не їздив восени." with the male form.

    As always, please provide your full input. You thought it's not accepted because you are using the male instead of the female version, but actually something else was wrong. I can't tell you now cause I don't know what it was :)


    Okay I got it now. I must have had a typo and didn't know it. Thanks!

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