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  5. "Eight mangoes"

"Eight mangoes"

Translation:Maembe nane

September 18, 2017



Why is the correct answer not maembe manane? 'Eight' (-nane) usually takes prefix agreement, as seen in viti vinane, for example. However, the solution given here is maembe nane, even though 'mango' is embe and 'mangoes' is maembe. Doesn't that put embe / maembe in the ji- / ma- class?


Yeah, it should be maembe manane ... colloquially, this might be dropped though for higher numbers, particularly outside of the coastal strip where Swahili is a native language. Formal standard Swahili requires an agreement prefix on any number that ends with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 8. Eg.

watu ishirini
watu ishirini na mmoja
watu ishirini na wawili
watu ishirini na watatu
watu ishirini na wanne
watu ishirini na watano
watu ishirini na sita
watu ishirini na saba
watu ishirini na wanane
watu ishirini na tisa
watu thelathini
watu thelathini na mmoja
watu thelathini na wawili

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