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Daily Limit

Why is there a daily limit on the number of courses and time I can spend on duolingo - in French?

September 18, 2017



Hi Bob,

Welcome to Duolingo.

There is no daily limit on the number of courses and time you can spend on duolingo.

Maybe you are using the iOS App?
In the Duolingo Help Center you can read about the Health system and how to exercise as much as you like.
- https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002887326-What-is-Health-
- https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002860463-What-are-Gems-

By the way, Duolingo's web version (www.duolingo.com) has a better learning method and it has not the "punishing" Health system. You have to log in with the same username and password as in the App.

If this is not the answer to your question, please give more information about your issue.


Are there any fees or costs for these extra courses. Currently I am using the web version, but I have also used the iOS version. What are the charges/fees?


The "Duolingo version with advertisements" is completely free of charge.
You can do as much language courses as you want.

The App will offer in-app purchases, but you don't have to accept such an offer !

Here are some useful links, to get more familiar with Duolingo:

Happy learning.

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