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  5. "And what do you answer?"

"And what do you answer?"

Translation:Und was antwortest du?

September 18, 2017



Could one write "wie" instead of "was"?


Yes, its accepted now.


I tried that. My reasoning was that in English the meaning can be similar to "what do you say?", the equivalent question being "how do you answer (the question)?" I was a bit disappointed not to get it correct, but I do understand why.


Not that I believe, it's asking 'what' you would answer, not 'how'


So why isn't the verb antwortest in second position here?


It is. The "und" is in position zero.... A bit of a pain.


I think there's a really important grammatical point here about "und". "Und" seems not to count when it comes to sentence structure. You can join two main clauses with "und" and it doesn't even cause the subject and object of the second clause to invert, e.g. "Ich habe viele Buecher und ich lese gern" ("I've a lot of books and I like to read").

I think it's a good idea to think of "und" as being in position zero. Thanks, OldMate2


Some of these sentences remind me of the very old English which used "thou" at the end of similar questions (if I remember that correctly).


Why isn't it "Und was antwarten du?


Wrong conjugation of the verb. You need 2nd person singular: antwortest.


"Und was ist deine Antwort?" That is not correct!!!


Why can I not use 'beantworten' here? There's a object.


Why can't i say "ihr"?


"Und was antwortet ihr?" should be correct.


could "und was ist deinen antwort?" work here? and what is your answer? should i be more specific..?


Antwort (capital A) is a feminine noun, so it should be with deine Antwort. The meaning is similar, but carries a bit of a different feeling. You could report it and see what happens.


Duo accepted my "und wie antwortest du". Aber ich denke if the "und was antwortest du" ist zu richtig?


I initially typed the answer as 'Und was antwortest du?', but recalled that 'And what do you answer' doesn't sound like everyday common English. Changed it to 'Und womit antwortest du?' which is what every native English speaker would say rather than the former. That translates as 'And with what do you answer? Shouldn't that be right as well?


"And with what do you answer?", sounds like I would respond with, "This hammer".


I don't think it's a good idea to think of the best way to express something in English then do a word-for-word translation. It's better to try to pick up the patterns of the target language.


You can't do antwortet du?


No, antwortet du is not a translation for "And what do you answer?" -- the words "and" + "what" are completely left out there.

Also, the verb antwortet has the wrong ending for the subject du.


The meaning of the question in English is ambiguous. It could be asking "There are two different beasts each asking me a different question." "And what do you answer?" "The beast on the left." Or it could be asking, "You have asked me a binary question." "And what do you answer?" "No." In the second, more common case, I would expect it to translate more like "And which is your answer?"


Is it Und was antwortest du

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