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  5. "Matěj lives here now."

"Matěj lives here now."

Translation:Matěj teď bydlí tady.

September 18, 2017



As an experiment, I tried "Matěj tady bydlí teď." Apparently, Czech syntax isn't quite that flexible, and I broke it. =)


There is a limit to the flexibility. And it is probably very hard to tell. Not to mention in certain situations you could probably use 'weird' syntaxes to point out awkward situations. That said, the most common and acceptable here would be

Matěj teď bydlí tady

Matěj tady teď bydlí

Matěj teď tady bydlí.


I wrote "Matěj teď tady bydlí" and it wasn't accepted


that was my fault. It will be from now on. sorry


I see, so I happened upon the wrong combo, and the verb doesn't want to go follow the subject directly if it means putting the "extra" words together at the end, as in the English. Thanks.


matěj žije teď tady???


I can't address word order -- having plenty of trouble with that myself'! But (at least in my head...) "bydlet" is more like "to live somewhere, / to reside" while "žít" is simply "to be alive." But maybe "žít" is fine here...

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