"El va merge la ocean mâine."

Translation:He will go to the ocean tomorrow.

September 18, 2017

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'Ocean' is not pronounced correctly here.


Yep, it sounds perfect now.


You are right!

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Ocean had English pronunciation

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Ocean has English pronunciation

[deactivated user]

    Isn't it "He is going to the ocean tomorrow."? Because is a prior plan.


    Your answer is correct too in my opinion.


    That's correct! Prior planning makes for future actions. However, the exercise tries to familiarize you with future forms, which is why DL is adamant about the future tense being used.


    What about "el o să meargă la ocean mâine"?


    Yes, it is correct. It is a "popular" form, so it mostly used in oral speech, not in writing. As a Romanian native speaker, I use it for all events that are going to occur in near future (similar to "going-to" future).

    There is also a 2nd "popular" form, although it is rarely used. The structure is "to have" and the subjonctive of the verb. Both verbs must agree with the subject. For the verb "a pleca" (to leave), we have:

    • Eu am să plec
    • Tu ai să pleci
    • El/Ea are să plece
    • Noi avem să plecăm
    • Voi aveți să plecați
    • Ei/Ele au să plece
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