"How tall is that person?"

Translation:Jak vysoká je ta osoba?

September 18, 2017

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Can it also be "jak je ta osoba vysoká"?


Is one or the other better, or are they both used commonly? thanks!


The difference lies in emphasis. In Czech, we usually place the most emphasized word at the end.

'Jak je ta osoba VYSOKÁ?' vs 'Jak vysoká je TA OSOBA?'


I wrote ‘to clovek’ and it got accepted. Was that a mistake? Shouldn’t it have been ‘ten’?


Both variants "Jak vysoký je ten člověk" and " "Jak vysoký je to /to je člověk". are correct.

For example when we speak about a man we both see you will use "ten člověk". But when we speak about your friend which I don't know personally (but you told me about him already) than I would use "je to/to je".

From comments here in discussion i can say that "to je" is one of the hardest themes in the course. I hope that my explanation helped. (It's not easy to explain thing you use automatically..)


why you can't say jaka?when do i need to declinate?


Thank you, I thought jak and jake/a all mean how. Makes sense now


"Jak je vysoká ta osoba?" is wrong. Could somebody please explain why?


It is correct and accepted.

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    do i have to always say vysoká with osoba? is it possible to say vysoký osoba?


    Osoba is grammatically feminine, it must be vysoká.


    Would it be inappropriate then to ask "Jak vysoká je ta osoba" if the person in question is a man? Or does the grammatical gender not always need to reflect the actual gender?


    The grammatical gender and the biological or personal gender are independent. Osoba can be a person of any sex or gender.


    What's the difference between "osoba" and "člověk"?


    In their basic meanings:

    člověk - a human, a man

    osoba - a person

    However, they are not used in the exact same contexts as the English words. The usage must be learned by reading and listening. In Czech we often use "člověk" where English uses "person". We also sometimes use člověk when meaning a particular specifically male person.


    I put "Jaký vysoký je ten člověk?" which was rejected. From the previous discussions I understand that "ten člověk" is OK but "Jaký" to agree with "vysoký" is wrong. If that is correct, why is it? And have I made any other mistake? When I repeat in a moment I will use the Duolingo translation to move on! Thanks.


    I missed Boneheadbass's comment about Jak being an adverb in this instance so that explains it I expect.


    Should it not be 'to' instead of 'ta' since osoba is neuter?


    Osoba is feminine.

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