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  5. "이 카메라는 무엇입니까?"

" 카메라는 무엇입니까?"

Translation:What is this camera?

September 18, 2017



I bet this camera could be a camera.


I bet Mr. Garam gets tire of all these questions...


"What camera is this?" Should also be accepted.


That'd be 어떤 카메라, though.


Why? Aren't both questions askint for the model?

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They are different questions.

What camera is this? A digital camera.

What is this camera? Your birthday present.

The difference gets clearer when there is an adjective attached to the noun.

What is this huge fluffy ball?

What huge fluffy ball is this?


The answer to that question is "This is..." which means "This" is the subject not the camera so your question in Korean would use 이것은 instead of 이 카메는.


I believe that camera is a camera?


Why not "what type/kind of camera is this?" It means the same thing and sounds better in English? Like...I'm sure "What is this camera" is a direct translation, but that's not how you would say it in English...

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It does mean a different thing whether it sounds better or not. The difference is clearer when there is an adjective attached to the noun.

What is this huge fluffy ball?

What kind of huge fluffy ball is this?


There are plenty of scenarios where this wouldn't sound weird at all. It's just uncommon. And you have to think outside the box. :)

Imagine you're looking at an allegorical painting, and you say, "I understand that the scales show that Mr. Garam is a just and fair judge, and that these counterfeit weights are really the prosecutor's attempts to deceive Mr. Garam, but... what is this camera?"


It's important to remember that just because the direct translation isn't 100% acceptable in English, it's still semantically valid, and it's from a different language. Learning the transliteration is an important part of learning a language with any real efficacy. A small step that can be hard to wrap your head around depending on the sentence in question, but an important step.

All languages are different!

[deactivated user]



    I can't think of a situation that I could use this sentence...Is it like I look at the camera and I doubt if it is a camera?? Could anyone help to enlighten me please?


    이 카메라가 카메라입니다


    Why do we always have to speak so formally? Cant we just learn like normal? Do Koreans speak this formally then? My friggin mind is wrapped around Duo!


    Since being polite is so very important in Korea it does make sense to learn the polite form first.


    Um YES. This gives me Koreaboo vibes... Koreans do speak like this, and this is normal. If you don't want to learn the langauge then fine, don't, but don't complain so disrespectfully please


    This question in Korean makes no sense and consequently, the English translation doesn't either. Some suggestions: 1) "이것은 카메라입니까?" meaning, "Is this a camera?" 2) "이 카메라는 누구의 입니까?" meaning, "Whose camera is this?"

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    This question in Korean makes sense, and "이 카메라는 누구의 입니까?" is not grammatically correct, not to mention that it doesn't make sense at all.


    Please, leabea87, do not confuse us all. Korean is hard enough without people making wrong corrections. Thank you.

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