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"The developer"

Translation:Der Entwickler

March 12, 2013



A few questions ago, it said that another translation for Developer would be "Der Developer", I tried that now but it doesn't allow it. Is it a mistake on my part or is this Duolingo being harsh on the answers?


“Der Developer” is a loan-word from English that was also formerly mainly used in photography, but is now commonly used for software developers.

English being the current lingua franca of the world, English loan-words are common and fashionable in contemporary German —especially in the spoken language— even where perfectly suitable German words already exist, and even though the German language has a highly productive morphology for coining new words. The influence of English is particularly strong in software, because most programming languages use English keywords and most software concepts are recent and were first expressed in English.

For the purpose of learning German, using native German words in Duolingo exercises will serve you better than using English loan-words. In real translation work, the choice should depend largely on the conservativeness or hipness of the style of the original text.


Thanks for that, cleared things up for me, I thought it was the other day around!


Who is the developer=Der Entwickler? What does he do in a company for example?


"Entwickler" is mostly used for software developers.


It's also used for the vanishing profession of “photographic film developer”.


You may say: Web Entwickler, Software Entwickler, Backend Entwickler, Mobile Entwickler etc.


does anybody have a way to remember this word? i can't find anything resembling in english.


Could this mean housing developer

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