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  5. "미국에 가기 전에 영어를 배우십시오."

"미국에 가기 전에 영어를 배우십시오."

Translation:Learn English before going to America.

September 18, 2017



V기 is another way to create the noun form of a verb or a noun phrase. The nice thing is how simple it is to use: just replace with .

You will find this form on buttons on websites that perform an action such as 찾기 (search).


When I looked at the reverse Korean course, all commands (Write this sentence in English) end in -기. Thoughts?


They use it when conjugation would be weird. Like on a website a button might say "View", what you've seen is the Korean version of that. 보다 becomes 보기, for instance.


Before going to America learn English is wrong????


Report if you want them to review as correct.

[deactivated user]

    It is correct Our Owl boi, Duo Is not as smart as expected.


    It do be like that


    other ways of saying America should be accepted... ie, the States, United States


    Use the flag. They are adding alternative answers.


    한국에 가기 전에 한국말을 배우십시오.


    Just want to say that the US does not have an official national language. Most of us speak English, but it's not at all a requirement for getting around. Many of our people, and most of our signs, are multilingual. If you travel through rural areas, the cell phone reception is unreliable, so you'll want to have some emergency phrases prepared in English and Spanish. For the most part though, especially in the big cities, you'll be perfectly fine with basic travel phrases and an understanding of our currency. (Oh, and sorry about the imperial measuring system. We don't like it either.)


    Most signs are in one language in most places. There are areas with multilingual signs, but most are not multilingual, especially most traffic signs.

    And we like imperial. There is no practical difference between metric and standard units besides converting in school physics class and measuring tiny/huge things.

    We are fine using either or. No one will complain when given a metric tape measure nor a standard unit tape measure.

    Only euro snob acts like using standard units is a crime against science.


    You should also learn spanish, just to be safe, if you're going to the US


    네!!! 그것은 매우 종요해!


    I wrote Learn English before going to the America... ?

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