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Does Anybody Know Any Good Tongue-twisters in Japanese?

I have noticed that my french tongue-twister contest was very successful, and I want to start a Japanese version! The translation must be listed, and it must not be plagiarized. Ill start with my favorite one:

Sumomo mo momo mo momo no uchi; momo mo momo mo sumomo no uchi. Peaches and plumbs are of the same family. Plumbs and peaches are of the same family.

September 19, 2017



I don't know any, but the one you put was very entertaining! Can I please look one up? I'll put the link to the source here. Please?

Here's a transliteration into your twister: すもも も もも も もも の うち:もも も もも も すもも の うち


Of course! Anyone can look one up! I actually deleted the rule against it when making it. It's more fin to look them up. Tell me when you find a good one!



neko no ko koneko, shishi no ko kojishi



That's not so much a tongue-twister as something like a Japanese analogue of 'Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo'...


The anime man on youtube has a video about Japanese tongue twisters!

I havent seen the video, but maybe you would wanna check it out?


Not really a tongue-twister, but I know a kana palindrome:
A chicken, a little bird and a crocodile.

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