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  5. "I watch a movie at home."

"I watch a movie at home."

Translation:저는 집에서 영화를 봐요.

September 19, 2017



Does it sound strange to change the word order and write 저는 영화를 집에서 봐요 instead?


A bit strange. I think it's best to keep the direct object closer to the verb. Generally the word order will be the opposite of what you are used to.


It sounds a bit strange, because you're emphasising that the place you watch a movie is home. Not cinema, not your friend's place but your home. Usually people say what they do in a specific place so it's more common to say 저는 집에서 영화를 봐요 but in cases where a place is more important than an action you can say 저는 영화를 집에서 봐요 ;)


That's how I answered it and I got it right - I see from the comments though that the other way is better.


"나는 집에서 영화를 봐요" wasn't accepted D=


I used 나는 too, I thought that was the correct version of "I" when using 해요체. Can any mod explain why it's wrong please? 7/4/21


Why are we adding 서 to 집에?!


에 and 에서 are two different things. 에 is used to indicate the place you're going to and 에서 is used to indicate the place in which you're doing something. 저는 집에 가요 - I'm going home 저는 집에서 영화를 봐요 - I watch a movie at home.


제가 집에서 영화를 봐요 is wrong?


을.를.이.가 만 잘알면되요 이상


"난 집에서 영화를 봐요" isn't correct?

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