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(On App) Only listening to the audio and not reading the text

Sorry about the bad title, I didn't know how to word it!

Recently, I have been going through my Spanish tree and redoing lessons that I have long forgotten about. College and a new job have renewed my vigor in the language!

A few nights ago I started trying something - for the (many) questions where the Spanish (or any language, this isn't a just Spanish-related post) is spoken and written out, asking to be translated, I try to not look at the text, be it by looking anywhere else or automatically closing my eyes when I click "continue" after a question. After hearing the audio, I try to translate the sentence in my head before answering the question and only looking at the written text if I need to.

This gives me a really good feeling that I am understanding the spoken language, not just the written language. Has anyone else tried this? If so, have you noticed a difference in what you understand when hearing the spoken language?

September 19, 2017



Yes , I do this too ( although on the PC). I mentioned this in a post a few months ago and was quickly told what a waste of time it was. I tape an index card over the text box . It flips up in case I need to cheat. I am re-doing the whole tree this way. It's been a great help to me , as understanding French is the hardest part for me. This would be nice as a Duolingo option.


HI, this is really cool! I have a hearing default in my right ear so learning a language is difficult to sense the robotic voices don't have the same kind of diction for me to understand I usually don't pass the listening exercises. So When I can actually understand the words by listening; it's an incredible feeling of accomplishment for me.


Yes, I do this too! I cover the screen with my hand so I'm either listening first, or translating without seeing any of the word/sentence options Duo provides. Feels like good practice.


I do the same thing all of the time! I was wondering if others did it too. =D


I think it's a wonderful tactic! I don't remember if I've used it myself, but with Greek at least I definitely turned off the sound to make me actually puzzle out the written form as opposed to getting through relying on the relatively brain-power-non-intensive spoken version.


Yes, it's a good way to use the Duo lessons--only is a little awkward when there's a question w/ no audio--and is what I usually do. You can do this w/ audiobooks, too, if you also have the text to use to check your hearing/understanding, even sometimes using the audio as "dictation" for you to write out and check against the text, which help w/ spelling too.


Yes! I've been doing this because I feel like I rely too much on the visual learning. I can get an answer almost right away by looking at it, but doing this i usually have to think on it for a bit. I really wish Duo would introduce sections of just audio material that you had to translate.

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