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  5. "There is nothing to respect."

"There is nothing to respect."

Translation:Není co respektovat.

September 19, 2017



It didn't accept "Není si čeho vážit" in preference of "Není čeho si vážit".


case question... why is it "neni čeho si vážit" for "nothing to appreciate," but "není co respektovat?" for "nothing to respect?" aren't co/čeho being used in the exact same way in both of these sentences?


Different verbs take different cases and different prepositions. You have to learn them individually and remember.

Respektovat takes accusative "co", "vážit si" takes genitive "čeho".


Why isn’t double negation required here...why “respektovat” and not “nerespektovat”?


That would mean the opposite. You can't just negate an infinitive like that.


In a previous example I made a note: "there is nothing..." was "neni ceho..." (excuse no accent). Would it be possible to explain the difference here? Thanks.


That is ruled by the case and the preposition used by the verb for the object. Není čeho si vážit. Není co respektovat. Není na co se dívat. Není o čem mluvit. Není o co se zajímat.


I'm guessing "Není si ničeho vážit" isn't grammatically correct? Are double negatives only for specific circumstances?


No it is not. Double negatives almost everywhere, but this is not a place where it could be applied. You cannot negate co, or the genitive čeho. You only could negate něco (nothing) to nic (nothing). In genitives něčeho to ničeho. But you cannot negate čeho (what).

The phrase is just "mít čeho si vážit", the negative is "nemít čeho si vážit". "nemít ničeho si vážit" (or even nevážit) just does not make any sense.

Out of such phrase yes, "ničeho si nevážit" is completely fine. But that is different, that is the negative of "něčeho si vážit".


Thanks, I'll keep in mind that in mind. It is so much simpler than I was thinking! If you can believe it, I've been staring at some of these examples for about an hour!


Není zde nic čeho si vážit.


There is nothing here to respect.

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