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"I often use public transportation."

Translation:저는 대중교통을 자주 씁니다.

September 19, 2017


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씁니다 this expression should be changed with 이용합니다.


Just to clear, 씁니다 can mean "to write" or "to use?"


Is the position of 자주 that important? Why couldn't it be placed right after 처는?


Short answer: it can.

However there is a slight difference. By moving the frequency adverb to the beginning of the sentence, the emphasis is on the adverb itself.

대중교통을 자주 씁니다 = I often use public transport

자주 대중교통을 씁니다 = I use public transport, often.

Worth noting that in Korean, although the placement of frequency adverbs is quite flexible, in common usage*, they are mostly found before the verb of the sentence especially when the meaning of the sentence is quite clear.

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