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  5. "이 영화는 정말 나쁜 영화예요."

" 영화는 정말 나쁜 영화예요."

Translation:This movie is a really bad one.

September 19, 2017



The Korean language said movie twice but it was only offered once in the translation options.

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Now the primary translation is "This movie is a really bad one." "This movie is a really bad movie." is also accepted.


I don't know how it works in Korean but in English you can (and probably should for the sentence to flow) omit same words with same purpose if you build a context.


so literally they write "this movie really bad movie is" Then you should expect in the answer 2x the word movie. "this movie is a really bad movie" ... seems redundant "this movie is really a bad movie" ... puts the emphasis on the adverb

both should also be accepted since they include the given parts of the original sentence.


You cant always literally translate things from one language to another. In english, you would just say this movie is really bad


So, I put "this movie is really bad" and it counted it wrong. Do we know why that might be??


I think your answer is incorrect due to the verb. In your sentence you are using the verb "to be bad" (나쁘다) while in the Korean sentence given you have the verb "to be" attached to the word for movie. I think it is because of that.

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"This movie is really a bad movie." is now accepted.


Certainly not a definitive source, but when I put "This movie is a really bad movie" and this movie is really a bad movie" in Google translate, I get "이 영화는 정말 나쁜 영화예요" both times. The emphasis is different in English, but both seem like valid translations of the Korean. Can anyone explain why they shouldn't both work?


I have the same question, and am not sure why I wasn't given this option in the word bank.

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Both are now accepted.


This movie is really bad is also a good translation in English..I do not agree that you have to say a really bad one


does this require both '영화'? or could one say '이 영화는 정말 나빠요?' or would that mean the movie is being bad or something?

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'이 영화는 정말 나빠요.' would do. Repeating the same word in this manner is just a bit more common in Korean in my experience.


This movie is really bad.

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