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  5. "막차는 몇 시야?"

"막차는 시야?"

Translation:What time is the last train?

September 19, 2017



막차마지막 차 (literally last vehicle, but can refer to any mode of transportation service like train, bus, or van)


The 막 in 막차 (lit. last vehicle) is the same root used in the word 막내 (maknae, lit. lastborn).


Head canon: this also refers to that last cup of tea in a restaurant, after you're totally done eating.

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Bus is also correct.


What time is the last one? should be accepted as it does not tell which mode of public transportation is on the topic.


I see what you mean, and I don't think that you're wrong. The Korean does specify a vehicle though, 차 車。 If the context were clear, your translation would definitely be correct.


(이)야 is a casual "이에요/예요" which is for nouns.


Why is this in 반말? I feel like the only times I would need to ask this question in Korean would be while speaking to workers or other people I don't know, where this would be rude.


I'm not sure why you would think that. You can definitely ask a friend or a sibling or some other person you know that question. Regardless, if you've been following this course, you must have noticed that Duo often uses sentences that you'd probably never use in real life. In addition, they randomly/arbitrarily use different politeness levels to reinforce the lessons


Can someone explain 시야? What is 시?

EDIT: 시 means "hour" or "o'clock". We learned it in the Time lesson.


I accidentally put 막차는 역 시야 and it was marked correct with not even a typo warning. Is it correct?


In "막차", "차" is refers not only to train(기차) and also to land public transportation as a whole, such as bus(버스), subway(지하철), taxi(택시=cab) ... etc.

Therefore, almost means of public transportation can be the answer. So, in order for that answer to be correct, the "기차(or 열차 = train) should also be added in KR sentences. [e.g.: 기차의 막차는 몇시야?]

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