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  5. "제 질문은 대답됐어요."

" 질문은 대답됐어요."

Translation:My question was answered.

September 19, 2017



Koreans do not use this expression. Who made this sentence? Is there anyone in Duo lingo who checks the grammar and expression?


You should flag it as an "unnatural" sentence.


I'm sad that this sentence is not used. :-( I understood it clearly and I thought that it would be very useful for me to use this sentence at my Korean school when I'm talking to the administration.


I would suggest to try to use: (제 질문의) 답변은 받았습니다. The expression in brackets can be omitted if the listener knows what you have asked before.


DLG's aim here is to show how some of the active -하다 verbs can be turned passive by simply switching 하다 to 되다.

대답하다- answer (active verb)

대답되다 - be/get answered (passive verb)

There is nothing grammatically wrong with the sentence:

내 질문은 대답됐어요 - My question has been answered

  • Synonym 응답되다


Isn't "My question got answered" right, too? I don't know if there is any way to distinguish that "was/got" in Korean.

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