In a couple of weeks I will be going on a vacation for a few days. Do I need to specifically inform Duo.when I will not be available to access my account, and if so how would I do that? At any rate, I do not want to be de-activated while I am away. For everyone out there, who may be planning a trip- how long are we allowed to be inactive before our account becomes de-activated? Thanks.

March 12, 2013


We don't deactivate accounts. Once you create an account- it's yours forever. Nothing to worry about. Enjoy your vacation!

Hallo kristinemc - Appreciated your answer about not deactivating accounts. One other question- Would it be possible to establish a new account, with a new user name using the original e-mail at some later date?

No problem! You'd need to create a different email for the new Duolingo account.

I don't think your account gets deactivated after just a few days, if at all.

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