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"Díky našemu týmu se mnoho lidí učí česky."

Translation:Thanks to our team, many people are learning Czech.

September 19, 2017



Thanks to Nueby's and Kačenka's team, many people can learn Czech.


Very true. Thank you team!


It has been and continues to be a very useful course.


Yes, it was me over there. I did not want to "out" you. At any rate, I hope that it is clear that this exercise uses "thanks to" as owing to, because of. The users' appreciation is the only reward we volunteers get, but we do not take it for granted. (Self-aggrandizement is for politicians.)

Good luck!


Yes, I think I understand what you mean.

May you have a great new year, and know that your efforts have brought me a better understanding of my ancestors' culture and language. :)


yes, thanks team--after one year I am able to read most of the emails from my Czech friends! Perhaps after five years I will speak Czech as well as a five-year old.


Well done, team! :-)


You thank you Team! You are making me able to keep practicing ny Czech even tho im no longer living there!


To je úplně pravda. Děkuju moc za kurs


What would be the differentiator between 'many people are learning' and 'many people learn' for this sentence on the Czech side?


"many people learn" implies to me (but I am ESL) that they actually learn something, unlike they study, they are learning. So I would use something with "naučit".


Thank you very much, everyone

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