"What big teeth you have, grandmother!"

Translation:Wat heeft u een grote tanden, grootmoeder!

1 year ago


[deactivated user]

    Why is "een" needed here when tanden is plural? And, why would you address your grandmother using "u"?

    1 year ago

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    It is a fixed construction, regardless of the number of objects that follow: - Wat een mooi huis! (huis is enkelvoud) - Wat een heerlijke aardbeien! (meervoud)

    Nowadays, grandchildren usually address their grandparents with «je» and «jou». But that was not always the case. The phrase at hand was taken from an old fairy tale, Roodkapje (Little Red Riding Hood), and especially the less modern editions use the polite form. NB The translation «je» is correct, too.

    1 year ago
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