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"I have two hands and two feet."

Translation:Ich habe zwei Hände und zwei Füße.

September 19, 2017



:)))) That sure is a good way to remember it Dovahkinn


I can't make the B that sounds like an ess. Sometimes the s is accepted and sometimes only the B works. The course and tinycards are not consistent about that.


1) ß is not a B
2) Both the app and the website allow you to choose the character. (With IOS, for instance, press the key longer on the phone and then choose the right letter.)
3) ss instead of ß is accepted, but a single s isn't. Rightfully so.
4) Agree, DL is sometimes inconsistent. That is why users can report errors and thus improve the courses.


Ss wasn't accepted!


If you're on a pc, you can type it by holding alt, typing 225 with the number pad, and then letting go of alt. Make sure num lock is on.


I press S longer to type ß on my phone.


When B works, it's only when it accepts one letter spelling errors. But it's good to not associate ß with B. It actually originates from long s + s, where long s is ſ, which is not an f. So the series: ſs merged to ß.


An alternate code, to the one Artist-Engineer offers, on the number pad for eszett is 0223: ß.


I can't get umlauts on this keyboard so why is this marked wrong? How do I get past it?


You can always type z cuz it is phonetically correct and Duolingo accepts it


Kann mann nicht "Ich besitze zwei Hände" sagen? Auf Englisch 'I possess two hands' ist richtig obwohl etwas formell.


you forget that you also have two feet


Ich meine, warum in diesm Fall ist 'ich habe' richtig und 'ich besitze' falsch?


"Besitzen" is usually used for possessions only and not for bodyparts. It would be understood but it sounds strange.


I thought when you use numbers you use the singular form of the noun no?


In Welsh and Irish yes, but not in German


I typed Füsse instead of Füße. Wondering why it was marked incorrect.

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