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Try Persian / Farsi on Duolingo flashcards!

Hey guys. How is it going? As you probably know, recently Duolingo has brought back the Flashcards feature under the name of TinyCards. It's evolved into something similar to Memrise. It's a great method for learning and memorising information like vocabulary and simple sentences and other stuff of course. As of today, Duo hasn't launched an official Farsi course, so for all of you who are interested, while you're waiting, I suggest you check these lessons I created out. It's nothing pro yet. For now it's just alphabet. But as you're reading, I'm creating simple vocabulary and conversations. It's a good start. Can you please check this out and tell me what you think please? I would really appreciate it :)

Persian Alphabet:


Edit: Added 2 other courses:

Basic Farsi:


Farsi for travel:


And plz upvote this, so more people can see it. Thanks in advance :)

September 19, 2017



That was interesting!


Thanks for trying it out. Don't give up yet. Basic conversations on the way :)


Thanks for your post. Farsi is one of the languages that I am looking forward to learn. But unfortunately due to the lack of interactive resources like Duolingo I am prevented from fulfilling my dream. I went through the cards you've created, and I have noticed that the name of the letters doesn't reflect the pronunciation correctly. I hope you can address this.


Thanks for noticing that! I put the letters in order of Persian alphabet and the way that they're read while saying the alphabet. Of course the letter Jim (ج) sounds exactly like J would in a word. Or the letter Alef sounds Long A in a word but in the alphabet it represents o, e or æ. We only call these Jim or Alef when for example we wanna spell something. I don't know if it was clear enough. Feel free to ask me any other questions as well :)

EDIT: You know what's really missing? A section for explaining stuff like this or even Grammar. Sorry if it was confusing:( But I'm thinking about putting some phonetics as well .


Thanks for this! I've tried a bit of the first lesson and it looks amazing so far. Cannot wait for the rest!


Thank you. That meant so much to me :) Stay tuned for the upcoming lessons.


Saying that TinyCards is similar to Memrise is a bitblike saying a toy tricycle is a bit like a Formula 1 racing car!

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