"We are trying to weigh our words."

Translation:Snažíme se vážit svá slova.

September 19, 2017

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A question about word order. Imagine we must translate "We are trying not to be afraid". Both "snažit se" and "nebát se" are reflexive verbs and in both case the reflexive particle should be in the second position. How do things manage then?


Plethora of "se" NESNESE SE SE SESTROU (she and her sister hate each other) is really a possible sentence in Czech. But..

back to your question.

We are trying not to be afraid.

1 Snažíme se nebát se.

2 Snažíme se se nebát.

3 My se snažíme se nebát.

4 My se snažíme nebát se.

I would say either but would prefer 4 over 3 over 2 and the least used (by me) would be 1. I am not entirely sure of how proper 2 is. You would hear it though.


Thanks for this answer. I was wondering about the same thing. So the most appropriate solution is to add a pronoun so se comes before the verb. Good to know.


Here is what I saw in some textbook: "Snažíme se nebát." They said that double "se" is to be avoided.


I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean in English...


Did you try to put it in google or your favourite search engine? https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/weigh+one%27s+words


Vážit svá slova? Myslela jsem že v češtině musí být "Vážit svých slov" (Vážit si koho, čeho)


Jaj už som to pochopila. Vážit svá slova. Ne Vážit si svých slov. Ok.

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