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Website with free books in Polish


This website has a lot of Polish books available both for reading online and download.

September 19, 2017


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There many more like that.

Also many internet bookshops have section with books and audiobooks available for free or at very moderate prices:


Thanks a lot!


Be sure to check out the audiobook section if you're into audiobooks or looking for listening practice. There are quite a few, ranging from a translation of Tom Sawyer to Adam Mickiewicz to Ignacy Krasicki to Rudyard Kipling


Thank you for the info. :)


Do you know where can I look polishserials?


cda.pl is a great source for movies and tv series in Polish (both Polish and foreign productions). Note that usually foreign films have a lecturer rather than a Polish dubbing which is found awkward by many foreigners.


well.... anyway I need to try) many thanks for your kind reply


One more idea that came to my mind - on Netflix you should be able to define your list of languages. You can set one of yours to Polish. I don't know how many resources, especially of Polish origin you can find there. Another paid platform that is currently very strongly fighting for the market is Showmax. I haven't use either of them so treat it informational. I'll also refer to my previous post - lecturers are in foreign movies, of course in Polish ones all the text is told by respective actors ;-)

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