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  5. "접시에 햄버거가 있어요."

"접시에 햄버거가 있어요."

Translation:There is a hamburger on the plate.

September 19, 2017



There is hamburger on the plate should also be a correct answer


No, I don't think "ground beef" is what's intended here, but the sandwich, and the sandwich needs an article (a, the) because it's countable.


You can count hamburgers though...


thats not a correct sentence. thats like saying there is a snow on the plate


Well, technically it would be if ground beef was intended, but that seems to be a different word in Korean.

"There is hamburger on the plate" means "there is ground beef on the plate", whereas "there is a hamburger on the plate" means "there is a ground beef patty sandwich on the plate".


You may mean ground beef in speech that but it is still incorrect linguistically. Once it is hamburger (patty) it is a unit, in the same way you can never say add some more sand pile.


”There is hamburger on the plate." -> "접시에 다진 고기가 있어요." for hamburger meat, 햄버그 for Hamburg steak (Hamburg is in Germany), or maybe 솔즈베리 스테이크 for Salisbury steak, the English version (Stone Henge is in Salisbury) . . .


What word is considered for "there" in this sentence? The way I read it is-- on the plate hamburger is.


Yeah, I think they are just inferring "there", but the word is not actually in that sentence. I put "a hamburger is on the plate" and it accepted that.


On the plate there is a hamburger should also be accepted


Yoda would say it that way, for sure.


noun+가 있다

There is a noun


There are so many grammatically correct answers that are possible that should have been accepted, but were not.

Hamburger is on a plate.

Hamburger is on the plate.

The hamburger is on a plate.

There is hamburger on a plate.

There is hamburger on the plate.

A hamburger is on the plate.


Of these, the only ones that are correct are:

The hamburger is on a plate. A hamburger is on the plate.

The others do not include an article for the word "hamburger" - and in English, the word "hamburger" without an article means ground beef, not a hamburger sandwich. The hamburger sandwich meaning corresponds to 햄버거, not "hamburger" without an article.


Seriously just for not using (a) are making us study korean or English

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