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  5. "학생은 도서관 바로 뒤에서 놀아요."

"학생은 도서관 바로 뒤에서 놀아요."

Translation:The student plays right behind the library.

September 19, 2017



I wrote "just behind" instead of "right behind" but as I understand it that means the same thing


It's the same. Hopefully they'll add it as an accepted answer.


Hit the flag and say your answer should have been excepted


Excepted. Yikes. Dont write comments on duolingo after midnight kids.


How are we supposed to know it's "Play" when the hover text says "hang out" and doulingo has been having us use "hang out" every time before this?


I wrote "The students hang out right behind the library." Is this wrong?


Not really. "놀다" means either "to play" or "to hang out", but it really depends on the context


Why is the hover-translation for "바로" "Right away"? That implies time rather than position.


A more accurate meaning for "바로" would be "exactly", so when it is used with the location mark, it means a very especific point in a place

[deactivated user]

    it winds me up when you have singular nouns and the answer must be plural, but then the opposite is true in other questions


    In a previous sentence, "뒤에" was used and not "뒤에서": 여자아이가 텔레비전 바로 뒤에 앉아요 So here, could "학생은 도서관 바로 뒤에 놀아요" be correct to?


    Hmm, it depends on the nuance of the sentence… "-에서" is used when you're actively doing something in a certain place and "-에" only tells you that something is there (in place or time). While you can be actively "playing", you can't be actively sitting because you're just sitting. Hope this helped :)

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