"Potatoes and rice?"

Translation:Viazi na wali?

September 19, 2017

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never heard of mchele before?


What exactly is the question? Are you asking if the team have never heard of it before or querying something because you haven't? I'm assuming the former as mchele isn't in this sentence, but I have been known to assume wrong.

If the question is whether we're eating potatoes or rice, I'd rather it be between potatoes and wali, as raw rice grains aren't all that edible.

If it was a question of which to grow, then the choice is between potatoes and mchele, as cooked rice won't germinate.

Yes, both wali and mchele should be accepted for this question, but I think the creators were assuming we'd pick the eating context, rather than the growing one, and were aiming to teach wali. It's one of those things where proper sentences should be used that make the context clearer.

There have been sentences where "cooked rice" is used for wali to differentiate from mchele. People don't seem to like that either.

[deactivated user]

    First time seeing mchele ... Never any indication that it was a "form" of rice


    Uncooked rice is mchele. Cooked rice is wali.

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