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  5. "The cell phone is old."

"The cell phone is old."

Translation:휴대폰은 오래됐습니다.

September 19, 2017



Is 휴대전화 current? I only ever hear 휴대폰 or 한드폰


Yes all 3 of those are used. You'll also hear 전화기 (my personal favorite).


천화기 is what a phone was called before even cordless phones were a thing...


A phone is a phone is a phone.


Yup. Implementation details don't belong in everyday vocabulary unless it serves to distinguish things that could be confused in common contexts. I mean, I would never want to waste my breath to painstakingly tell my friends to pass me my mobile phone, nor would I call tech support to specify that my Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer is not working.

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