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How does one say 'can someone write my essay for me' in German and Spanish

Hi guys,

I've been wondering which verb one uses with the noun 'das Essay.' Of course in English I write my essay but is there a difference in another language like German or Spanish?

Do I write my essay -- schreibe mein Essay // escribe mi ensayo -- or do my essay or make my essay -- tuhe/mache mein Essay // haz mi ensayo ?

Thanks for help me out.


September 19, 2017



In German you say ich schreibe/verfasse einen Aufsatz.


In Spanish it depends there is formal and informal and vos which can be informal or formal depending on the country:

Escribe mi ensayo (tú)

Escriba mi ensayo (usted)

Escribí mi ensayo (vos)


In German you can say 'Ich schreibe einen Aufsatz / Essay' Also you can say 'ein Essay verfassen' which would mean 'compose an essay' but generally writing and composing an essay mean quite the same, don't you agree?

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I would say "Mach meinen Aufsatz". This is if you need someone to write your essay for you. Are you going to search for someone to order essay? You can try https://college-writers.com/, they write essays in English and German.


Hey, The translation of the following sentence goes like : Spanish : Alguien puede escribirme un ensayo German : kann jemand für mich einen Aufsatz schreiben In order to learn the translation, it is advised to not translate the sentences from the indigenous language to the foreign language. For instance, if you have to say something in German, then you should think in German and try translating the sentence. https://lifesaveressays.com/write-my-essay they have various other options to explore on. For more information or any kind of language, help visit the page. Thanks


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