"Vaši dívku známe."

Translation:We know your girl.

September 19, 2017

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If someone asks this question, would you assume the girl is the daughter of the speaker?


No, but in some situations, you might assume that the person they are talking to is her boyfriend.


Thanks, that helps me understand how the word is used.


Why not tvou divku? is vasi an equivalent to tvou ?


You must report the complete sentence, tvou dívku is accepted. It is not equivalent though, tvou is singular, vaši is plural or polite singular (T-V distinction).


My partner is saying a lot of the phrases are written the old fashioned way, with unusual word order. For example, this should really be známe vaši dívku


Firstly, this is not a phrase. It is a sentence that would appear in some context somewhere.

Secondly, every sentence in this course serves some purpose and often such purpose is to show more than just most common word order. There are many possible word orders applicable in various contexts and you should not expect to see the same order everywhere.

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