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  5. "자동차와 신문"

"자동차와 신문"

Translation:a car and a newspaper

September 19, 2017



Does 와 mean and?


And also is-그리고 q rigo


honestly, i read "신" as "산" and i thought they were talking bout transformers


who calls a car an automobile?? is there a difference?


I don't think there is a rigid definition for car. But colloquially a car is something like a sedan or coupe, for example, as opposed to other types of automobiles, such as trucks or buses.


Vehicles cover trucks and buses as well as cars or automobiles. A truck is not an automobile. An auto is a shortened word for an automobile which is a car. It is more confusing than that though because "automobile" refers to that fact that it is self-powered rather than drawn by a horse. The word "car" predates this use and so you will see "railway cars" pulled by trains and originally it was anything on wheels, even a charriot pulled by horses. The use now is such that "car" without any other words would mean "auto" or automobile. Technically, a bus which carries passengers could perhaps be considered an automotive vehicle and some people might consider that an automobile, but now people would say "bus" if that is what is meant. When the insurance company asks me what kind of car I have, I tell them I have a van. So a car is not just a coupe or sedan, but any ordinary passenger vehicle. My car license does not allow me to drive trucks, for example. Buses also require special training and license.


I assume when you say "truck" you mean "18-wheeler" or equivalent, and not "pickup truck". When I say "truck", its generally a pickup, not requiring any special licensing. I'd also say that "vehicle" covers any form of transportation (a bicycle is a self powered vehicle), an "automobile" is anything that is engine powered on the roads (a speedboat isn't an automobile, but a motorcycle or bus would fall into that category), and a "car" would typically be your standard sedan/coupe, although its typically used in conversation to mean "automobile". "What kind of car do you drive?" "I ride a motorcycle" (I wouldn't say I don't drive a car, because I know they're really asking about my mode of regular transportation.) Generally speaking, you can substitute just about anything for anything else and still get the idea across, even if it comes across a little rough. This is more for anyone who doesn't have enligsh as a primary language looking for a different perspective on how the categories are "defined".


Interestingly, 차동차 is a calque of "automobile" (自动车, self-moving car)


I thought 랑 or 그리고 is the korean word for AND?


yes but 와 is also AND so... good luck :)


Honestly 랑 means 'with' and 그리고 means 'and then' but it sometimes depends on the noun.


Aint it 'wa' for AND??


That's why you should wright everything down first and then look off of the sheet of paper.


Similar to the Japanese word for newspaper! 新聞 (shinbun)


Tea and car are same then how can we choose right , and if we talking about newspaper it might be pair with tea i think


Tbh i'm very confused like in korean there is alot of ways to say "and" like whenever i read something and has another version of "and" i get confused


Why is it in internet translation it is 차? Is it like contracted?


와+자동차= 자동차와 (and)+(car)= car and


I think we need some video notes to remember the words. Right guys?


I'd really like the go back and redo the first part of this lesson multiple times before being thrust into the next section before I've retained the first things they taught me.


Rather large seperation innit?


I thought it was right that 와 means and


Hanja: 自動車와 新聞


How would i know the word meaning when they directly ask me the meaning without telling me before?


You can click on each word for hints.


Is there a subject marker in this? If so, what is it?


No, there is no subject marker in this and this is not a sentence either, but the word “and” is the last character attached to the first word. Scroll up for more information.


There is not. This is not a whole sentence and just a phrase saying A and B


와 means and, and it is after the word car so it is the car and the newspaper.


Cuantas formas de decir "and" hay?


WheN I type new for newspaper I sometimes click continue when I go to click the letter s. It bothers me..


But there is no journy


is it okay if i use 과 instead of 와


Korea - Indonesian pleasee i can't english i want learn korean


Can anyone tell me where to use 과'


Can anyone tell me where to use '과' and where to use '와'.. Because both means 'and'


Can you say only 차 to say car??


Why Cars and newspapers cant be accepted?


the iconic crime fighting duo

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