"After crossing the bridge, go in the tunnel."

Translation:다리를 건너서 터널에 들어가세요.

September 19, 2017



This sentence reminds me of my film class in college. We were shown how film makers got around strict censors at the time.

In this one movie, a man and women were kissing on the train (the ones with private rooms). As the intensity progressed, the train was shown crossing a bridge. And then it blew its horn and entered the tunnel.

Funny that this exercise has its choice of words… 다리 means bridge and also leg. So yeah… after crossing that bridge, get inside that tunnel! ;)

September 19, 2017


North by Northwest?

October 6, 2017


That’s right. Many of the films he had us watch were Hitchcock films.

March 19, 2018



February 1, 2019
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